Quilt Store Critique

Birdseye Mercantile

Birdseye Mercantilebirdseye-mercantile
Avon, Montana
Quality Merchandise: starstarstarstarstar
Customer Service: starstarstarstarstar

If you want high quality reproduction fabrics, then this is the place for you! Jill, the owner of Birdseye, sells Civil War reproduction fabrics as well as some depression era pastels and fabrics that are bit more modern. If you are looking for something special, she will work with you to find the perfect piece of fabric.
Customer service here is outstanding. As long as she is not busy waiting on another customer, Jill will drop everything she is doing to help you. She loves what she does and it shows in everything she does.
Her little shop is a bit off the beaten path, but it is well worth the visit. Birdseye Mercantile is a combination fabric store/antique store. It sounds like an odd combination, but trust me it is not. Antiques and reproduction fabrics go perfect together.
I highly recommend Jill’s shop if you are in Montana traveling along I-90 between Butte and Missoula, it is well worth the trip to take Route 12 to Avon, Montana. The town is tiny with a population of only about 120 people, if you blink you might miss it. But if you take your time and enjoy your journey, you will see the large sign on the right hand side of the road, that say’s “Birdseye Mercantile Next Left”. When you are done there, head up the road to the Avon Cafe. Their coffee is the best in the west and their pies…well, try them out for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Birdseye Mercantile is a small shop with a limited selection. If you are looking for a large selection, especially when it comes to notions, you will be disappointed. However with that said, the selection that she does have is lovely.
The other negative thing that I have to say about the shop is the lighting. This shop is poorly lit and Jill know’s it. She does have some natural lighting coming in and there are free standing lights placed here and there around the shop which you can move to get a better look at something, but light is an issue here. Jill is very accommodating though. If seeing the fabric in natural light is important to you, she will let you take your fabrics outside. If you asked nicely, I’m sure she would even help you.
The finial downside to this store is that she is only open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I can tell you though that it is truly is worth waiting for the weekend to go and visit. Oh, and before you leave, treat yourself to a cold bottle of pop out of her vintage machine.

Overall Birdseye Mercantile is a great store with outstanding customer service. I highly recommend it.


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