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Quilt Store Critique: Quilters Corner

Quilter’s Corner
Deer Lodge Montana
Quality Merchandise: *****
Customer Service: **
QuiltersCornerQuilters Corner is a quilt shop set in a historic building in downtown Deer Lodge, Montana. The shop is filled with natural light so you can see the full array of fabrics in all their vibrant colors. There is a large variety of fabrics with a nice selection of some seasonal textiles for those who would like to create holiday quilts.
If you are looking for notions, you night want to look else where though. They have some very basic items, such as marking pens and a small selection of threads, but for most items a quilter will need, you are going to have to look elsewhere.

This shop leans towards machine quilting in more way’s than one. Besides the fact that they machine quilt the quilts that they have in their shop, they are also a bit bias towards hand quilters. Twice at two different times over the years I have had experience where I was looked down upon for being a hand quilter. The first time was by one of the employee’s and the last time was by the owner herself. I have a thick skin when it comes to peoples opinions, but their judgements were simply bad business.
The other thing I do not like about this shop is that they are far from friendly. In fact it is not uncommon for someone to walk into the shop and the employee(s) will just stop and stare without saying “Hello”: I have this experience almost every time I have gone in there. I have also witnessed this happen to other customers. Worse yet, I have heard from other quilters and quilt shop owners as far as 100 miles away, that they have had the same experiences when visiting Quilters Corner. Plain and simple, they can be quite rude.
So if you want attractive, high quality fabric, this is the shop for you. If customer service is important to you, then you might want to shop elsewhere.


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