Quilt Store Critique’s

Finding quality supplies in this day and age, can be challenging at times. If you can find quality merchandise, you may have to order it and have it shipped to you, as brick and mortar stores are slowly going by the wayside to make room for big conglomerates like Amazon.com. That is not to say that online shopping from big corporations is bad, its just that some of us still prefer the personal attention that only small stores can offer, whether they are online or not.

The following is a list of shops that I have compiled and my personal experiences from each one. I have added my own opinion’s based on what I liked and dis-liked about each one of them. My intention is to make a sort of critique book that I, and other’s, may use for reference. I have them listed as either Brick and Mortar Stores or Online/Mail Order Shops and each one has starsstar rating them based on their merchandise and customer service. 5 star‘s means that I loved them, 2 star‘s and I was not so happy.

If you have a shop you would like me to critique, please contact me with the information. There is no guarantee that I will purchase from the recommendation, but if I can, I will at least take a peek at the business.

PLEASE NOTE: This page is based on my opinion’s only. Someone else may have a different experience from what I had, please keep this in mind as you read the critiques. Also, this page will change periodically, so please check back often.

~ Brick and Mortar Stores ~

Birdseye Mercantile: Avon, Montana

More Coming Soon…


~Online/Mail Order Shops ~

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